Brandy Melville daisy shorts | Nordstrom chiffon blouse | Dr. Martens boots | Marc Jacobs/Nordstrom jewelry

The first day of school always calls for an outfit that is the perfect balance of showing off your personal style without looking like you're 'trying too hard', so for me this chic but comfy outfit achieved just that. The newest babies of my shoe addiction collection, my Dr. Martens, added the perfect dose of toughness to my otherwise feminine outfit. I apologize for the iPhone pictures, I took them with the original intention of only posting them on instagram but I then realized that I haven't had a decent outfit to post in quite awhile! Although my schedule is absolutely crazy this year between AP courses and dance drill, hopefully I will get the opportunity to update more frequently, especially since I currently have some incentive to do so with my new back to school wardrobe ;)
xo Paige

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  1. Looove it Paige! I honestly need to get my hands on those shorts. I WANT THEM SO BAD THEY'RE SOO CUTE! & oh my gosh! I've been wanting a pair of Doc Martens for a while now, but haven't bought them because I can't decide between matte black or maroon hahahaha. Love and miss you!!<3

    xx Shirley