American Apparel crop top | Nordstrom skort | Urban Outfitters booties | Forever 21 hat | Crossbody bag from Italy

I recently attended Bruno Mars’ Moonshine Jungle Tour at the Hollywood Bowl, and making sure that my outfit was eye-catching while still remaining functional was important. When I laid eyes on this jungle leaf print American Apparel crop top, I knew that it was the perfect statement piece for the event. Wanting to pair it with a simple but bold bottom, I decided on this crisp white asymmetrical skort from Nordstrom. I topped off the look with a wide-brim fedora, comfortable cutout booties and a quilted Italian leather cross body bag to hold all my concert needs.

xo Paige


Brandy Melville daisy shorts | Nordstrom chiffon blouse | Dr. Martens boots | Marc Jacobs/Nordstrom jewelry

The first day of school always calls for an outfit that is the perfect balance of showing off your personal style without looking like you're 'trying too hard', so for me this chic but comfy outfit achieved just that. The newest babies of my shoe addiction collection, my Dr. Martens, added the perfect dose of toughness to my otherwise feminine outfit. I apologize for the iPhone pictures, I took them with the original intention of only posting them on instagram but I then realized that I haven't had a decent outfit to post in quite awhile! Although my schedule is absolutely crazy this year between AP courses and dance drill, hopefully I will get the opportunity to update more frequently, especially since I currently have some incentive to do so with my new back to school wardrobe ;)
xo Paige


American Apparel shorts | American Apparel crop top | Converse via Nordstrom

When I spotted these kitschy high waisted shorts during a recent trip to American Apparel, I couldn't resist their bright hues and fun color blocking (I have an affinity for all varieties of AA shorts--I own nearly every color of solid denim, not to mention an array of obnoxious patterns). They're such a great piece for summer and I can't wait to break them in at the beach with a cute bikini! A simple white crop top and converse topped off the bold bottoms perfectly for the warm weather today in SoCal.


Sorry for the lame iPhone quality, but you can't forget about MILK, the famous ice cream macarons just down the street from the museum!
Ok sorry for being lame again but this is from my instagram

American Apparel riding pants | Nordstrom tunic | Steve Madden boots | American Apparel sunglasses | Nordstrom necklace | Zara handbag

Let me begin by apologizing for the all over the place photos! But anyways...One of my favorite places to spend time in downtown LA is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (or as many know it, LACMA). I particularly enjoy the wide variety of modern art, and the extraordinary Stanley Kubrick exhibit--time and time again, I find myself in awe of his outstanding visions and work methods. This simple outfit with a pop of print felt perfect for a calm afternoon of perusing contemporary art and everyone's favorite filmmaker.


Urban Outfitters blouse | American Apparel high waisted shorts | Steve Madden sandals | Nordstrom and handmade bracelets

Nothing is more perfect on a casual day in the increasing SoCal heat than an easy, summery outfit. This flowy top and playful pair of shorts were just right, and will most definitely become warm-weather staples in my wardrobe. Although I don't own many cutout pieces, I fell in love with this blouse during a recent trip to Urban Outfitters--I may have to pick up a few more cutout garments for summer! And of course I've always been a sucker for American Apparel high waisted shorts, so I definitely couldn't pass up this fun floral pair. Enjoy your weekend!


Nordstrom sequined shirt | Nordstrom cardigan | Lauren Conrad polka dot shorts | The Cobra Shop sunglasses

Do you ever unintentionally dress like an American flag and then make a blog post with Lana Del Rey lyrics to match? Because that's what I did today.


Urban Outfitters polka dot button down | Nordstrom leather skirt | Herschel 'Survey' backpack | Forever 21 platform sneakers | Vans iPhone case

The warm weather at school today called for a casual yet fun outfit, and this polka-dotted button down and edgy twist on a classic black skirt provided just that. I also may or may not have styled this outfit to compliment my new Herschel backpack--although I haven't owned a backpack since 4th grade, this particular one was too sleek and minimalistic to pass up. It may be a guys bag but I honestly think it's perfect for anyone!
On another note, after looking at these pictures, I've found that they're strangely reminiscent of my obligatory first day of school photos from the elementary days. While my hemline may have been a bit longer back then, and my hi-tops most certainly weren't platforms, the printed button down, curled ponytail, and front-porch backdrop haven't changed a bit. It's funny to see how even as times and styles evolve, somehow our own personal tastes always seem to remain true to themselves.


Urban Outfitters peplum top | Nordstrom silk shorts | Jeffrey Campbell spiked sandals | American Apparel sunglasses | Zara handbag | Nordstrom jewelry

After a schoolwork induced blogging hiatus, I've decided to return with a clean slate. I began this blog when I was only in 8th grade, and looking back on old posts, some of my choices were highly questionable and my taste level was most certainly lacking. Although I'm still only in high school, my style is beginning to become more refined and my tastes are changing significantly. In order to create a much-needed fresh start with my blog, I've wiped the slate clean of my old posts and am starting from scratch.
While it is nothing too innovative, I felt like today's simple outfit comprised of a few pieces from a recent trip to Fashion Island perfectly suited my new beginning.